Among the Christmas decorative lights, the icicle Christmas lights is more popular, today, we will introduce what it is.

LED icicle light as named “icicle “for its special structure with different length of drops .Such as 30cm/50cm/70cm or 20cm/50cm/80cm… etc. in a sequence. As a professional Christmas lights manufacturer, lovely to be designed as your requirements , including the length , drops ,LED lamps etc.

It is made of LED lamps and electricity cord with a main cord and soft enough cable for people to pull straight in a line. So it is easy to be bent and installed around the housing ceilings or across along the streets with metal wires, and can be used in different festivals.

LED icicle lights can be used for indoor or outdoor holidays decoration , In order to make it be used for all customers worldwide, we make the icicle lights in different voltages. Such as AC220V mostly for Europe and Asia Countries , 110V for USA and Japan markets etc. Further more ,to make it more safe to be touched ,it also can be in AC24V or AC12V with transformers.

Imagine having fireflies that never lose their glow in your garden .This is what you can expect with these atmospheric pin lights that you can drape in a tree ,along a trellis ,or any where else that takes your fancy. On a dark night these romantic lights will add the finishing touch to a perfect occasion.

Start to decorate your house, your trees, your street by icicle Christmas lights before the Christmas holiday. Wholesale and custom now from Colordecorations to get the multiple kind of Christmas lights and decorations.

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