Christmas day is coming, there will be many customers to buy the Christmas lights to decorate their house and trees, also there are many merchants and governments need to decorative their streets, stores, roadside trees and many building. Mention the Christmas decorative lights, for outdoor building, trees, etc., we need to select the outdoor Christmas lights, this kind of lights mainly has the waterproof characteristics, contain the power adapter and the interface between light and light, for example, I want 40 meters LED lights, I can buy 8 5-meters lights, and connect them easily without worrying the waterproof.

 Outdoor Christmas Lights

And what’s the difference between the outdoor and indoor Christmas lights. The importance is the waterproof, outdoor Christmas lights use the different process and materials from the indoor products, each lamp bead on outdoor lights is irrigated the transparent glue, and the cable is coated by waterproof materials, also including the power adapter and the connect interface. In general, our outdoor lights is IP44 waterproof level, up to IP65 level. The products can normally work in rainy day.

 Outdoor Christmas Lights

If you want to decorate your house inside, you only need to choose the indoor lights, if you want to decorate the outdoor house or trees, you need to select the outdoor decorations, tell your sellers that where you want to use them, outdoor decorations lights can be used directly on houses, trees, streets, stores. Besides, the outdoor LED lights can be design and made to the motif lights, such as the lighting star, maple lights, even the santa, sleigh, all kinds of animals and so on. On some public squares, you can find these lovely lighting decorations, which are all made by the outdoor LED lights. Outdoor lights brought enough atmosphere on Christmas, let lot of people leave many good memories.

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