Yes, we will meet our important holidays: Christmas day and New year. We hope to decorate our home, maybe, we should to start from the trees near our house. We need to prepare the outdoor LED string lights (IMPORTANT: Indoor string lights can not be used, because it’s not waterproof). There are multiple kinds of outdoor string lights for choice, such as LED icicle lights, LED strip lights, LED rope lights, LED net lights, LED copper lights, etc. Also, most lights will be added the decorations like star, maple, snowflake...

Outdoor LED string lights are the classic lighting design during the Christmas, New Year, and some more holidays. It’s the beautiful affect, but for most families, it’s a lot of work! You have to get up on a ladder and then navigation a string of lights around branches and leaves. But for the holiday atmosphere, I think this is a less troublesome things, right?

The LED string lights are small and can be installed into the ground around the tree or other surface you want to decorate. After prepare, definitely makes you shines when you turned on, it shoots hundreds of small LED lights onto the surface, making it look as if numerous string lights had been installed.

For LED string lights, there are different lengths specifications, 5 meter, 10 meter, 15 meter, etc. Lights can be connected directly each other, we do not need to worried how long we need to buy. For outdoor LED string lights, the junction is also waterproof.

I mentioned above that these outdoor LED string lights can be used in many places, such as your house, your trees, your garden fences... For your home decorations, we recommend you can choose some indoor lights or lights decorations, do not need the outdoor items, normally, outdoor lights is expensive than indoor lights.

Here we mainly offer the LED string lights, and different kinds of light decorations, wholesale and customization are both OK.